The Wild Bamboulas

by Bamboula 2000

Released 2014
Released 2014
"The Wild Bamboulas" disc is on the cutting edge of music emerging from New Orleans and Congo Square in 2014.
Bamboula 2000 is deeply rooted in the soul of Congo Square in New Orleans. This exciting music and dance experience formed in 1994 has created a unique blend of present day New Orleans combined with the deep roots of America's most African city.

Bamboula 2000 consists of:

Luther Gray – Producer, songwriter, percussions, kalimba & vocals
Cameron Woods – Producer, songwriter, engineer & drums
Cheryl Woods – Producer, songwriter, Lead Singer, & Bass
Drena Clay – Soulful Lead vocalist, songwriter
Eric Hornsby –Versatile keyboardist & songwriter
Jeremy Thomas – Trumpet, Producer, Composer
Clark Richardson - Dun-Dun drums and percussion

Bamboula Queens

Jamilah Peters-Muhammad – Choreographer, teacher & Dancer
Kai Knight – Choreographer, teacher & Dancer

The Bamboula Warrior - Torrence Taylor – Dancer, teacher

Bamboula 2000 is a musical force that combines dance and sound like no other group in New Orleans! The influences of Bamboula spans three hundred years of Congo Square history and culture yet continues to innovate in the 21st century.

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Bamboula 2000 - "Wild Bamboulas"